This site is designed to develop and popularize short-wave radio communications among the tourist community and professional travelers.

Leafing through old amateur radio books, one sometimes comes across the phrase: “Going on a hiking trip or traveling around the native land, it’s good to take a receiver with you, so that at the halts, sitting comfortably around the fire, listen to the latest news, music, report from the stadium, check the clock - in a word, feel at home. "

After half a century, I can rephrase this idea as follows: “Going on a trip through the dense forests of Karelia, the mountain slopes of the Caucasus or the meadows of Altai, it would be nice to take a radio station with me to be aware of the events taking place in this area, to know the situation and situation other tourist groups and solitary wanderers, because information about the state of roads, traffic or the presence of gasoline at gas stations and their mode of operation are not superfluous. But to find out about fish or mushroom places, fellow travelers, weather from tourist neighbors, n those within a radius of 100-150 km, isn’t it bad? Not to mention the mutual assistance that anyone who has heard your call on the air on a common communication channel. "

And the most interesting thing is that all this is absolutely possible both technically and legally! Yes, and not a lot of money. Lacking the most important desire! And with knowledge we will help you!

And for starters, I’ll just say, if you turn on the radio station during the day on the amateur radio range of 160 m or 80 m, then there is the potential to hear radio stations in the vicinity of tens of kilometers even with low power, 5 watts or even less.

Why is it potential? Yes, because no one uses this gift of Nature!

So I suggest starting to change the situation and creating your own tourist radio network, so that traveling was more fun!

What does that require:

-to pass an exam and receive an amateur radio category not lower than Novice (CEPT ERC32);

-Purchase any suitable radio station;

-to participate in the radio exchange and enjoy!

Evgeny Slodkevich, UA3AHM